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Middletown Youth Soccer Club

Middletown Youth Soccer Club

On The Calendar

All fields are open for recreational soccer games on our final day, Nov 4 2023

Wednesday, November 15th 2023
7:00 - 9:00pm
Sonesta Hotel,
9 Commerce Dr., Middletown RI
Attend a meeting, learn how to become part of the board.
Our volunteers make it happen!

U08 Karns Law
U08 Damon Company
U08 Aquidneck Pediatrics
U08 Custom House Coffee
U08 Fitzpatrick Team Remax
U08 Glen Smith Construction
U08 Howard Johnson
U08 Gustave White
U08 Polo Cleaners
U08 Bridge To Fitness
U08 Green Acre Distributing
U08 Bulk Lawn / Garden
U08 Peckham Brothers
U08 KW Connor Dowd
U08 Milestone Dental
U08 Chris Electric