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Middletown Youth Soccer Club

MYSC Fall Recreation Soccer Program Rules and Regulations

Please note that Soccer Rhode Island (SRI) has mandated the use of a new database for registration to all soccer programs throughout RI. The new database is Got Sport version 2.0; the old version of Got Soccer is no longer in use. If you created an account for the spring 2021 program you should use that login information to access your account. You will be able to have one account with multiple family members associated with it. There will be a learning curve as we work our way through this new system, but rest assured we are here to help. If you have any difficulty with registration, please email mysc@cox.net and we can work together to get the player registered. For fall recreational soccer we do NOT require a photo or birth certificate so please ignore any section of the registration that requests such documents.

The MYSC fall soccer program involves boys and girls in five age groups (Under 6, Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, and Under 15) in a recreational co-ed soccer program. The goal of this program is for children to have fun, while also learning soccer skills, teamwork, etc. All teams play small sided games; U6 play 3v3, U8 play 4v4 and U10, U12 and U15 play 6v6 with goal keepers. All players play a minimum of 50% of each game.

The program consists of an 8 week season beginning in early September, with all games played on Saturdays (between approx. 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.) and practice one night during the week at the coaches preference.

* Age Eligibility:

All players will be placed on teams based on birth year. Note, "U" followed by age refers to that age and younger.

NOTE: Players born on or after January 1st 2018 are too young for this year's Fall Recreational soccer program, please check back next year!

U06 * Players born 2016-2017

U08 * Players born 2014-2015

U10 * Players born 2012-2013

U12 * Players born 2010-2011
U15 * Players born 2007-2009

* Fees

The registration fee is $65.

*There is a $30 discount for child #3 from the same family and a 100% discount for child #4 and above from the same family. The discount code is available automatically, if you have any issue please do not hesitate to email us mysc@cox.net and we will refund the appropriate amount.

* Registration:

Coach & Player Registration Form: Choose

Fall Rec PLAYER registration 2021 at this link

Fall Rec COACH registration 2021 at this link

* Equipment:
     Team T-shirt and pair of socks (provided by MYSC)

Shin pads (mandatory, provided by the player)

Soccer cleats (recommended footwear, provided by the player)

Soccer ball (size 3 for U6 & U8, size 4 for U10 & U12 and size 5 for U15) The coach will have a limited number of balls available, but you can pick one up at your local sports store or online.

* Venue:

All MYSC fall recreation practices and games will take place at the Wyatt Road soccer complex in Middletown.

If you would like more information on MYSC's fall recreation program contact Chris Bacon at bacon61@aol.com



If you would like to sponsor a team for the fall season the cost is $200, please download and fill out the information on this application Thank you!

Fall Recreational Soccer

Information on the Fall Recreational 2021 soccer program is available HERE

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